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Google’s John Mueller answered a query in a Google search engine optimisation office-hours video about whether or not rankings could possibly be affected by a banner popup. John answered the query after which shared the technical background of why banners might have a adverse impact in addition to different points associated to Core Internet Vitals.

The reply to the query includes extra than simply the banner. The reply is extra technical due to rating components associated to Core Internet Vitals which may also be influenced by issues like popup banners, which in flip can affect rankings.

Core Internet Vitals

In his reply John Mueller references two components associated to the Core Internet Vitals metrics.

So it’s necessary to shortly outline what these components are in order that his reply is sensible.

  • Cumulative Format Shift
  • Largest Contentful Paint

Cumulative Format Shift (CLS)

Cumulative Format Shift is a Core Internet Vitals metric that measures how a lot an internet web page shifts round as it’s loading. Elements that may have an effect on this metric are photographs and fonts. A picture that takes a very long time to load could make the phrases on the web page shift round.

Fonts that take a very long time to load may trigger the web page content material to shift round because the font type is rendered.

Largest Contentful Paint

Largest Contentful Paint (also referred to as LCP) is a metric that measures how lengthy it takes for an internet site to load the most important block of content material (both picture or textual content content material) starting from the second the location begins to steer.

Web page Format Algorithm

Lastly, Google launched an algorithm in 2012 known as the Web page Format Algorithm, also referred to as the High Heavy Algorithm.

The aim of this consumer expertise rating associated issue was to down-rank net pages with obtrusive popups.

Can Rankings Be Influenced by Popup Banner?

The particular person asking the query wished to know if, ten years after the introduction of the web page structure algorithm, if popups can nonetheless affect rankings.

The query requested:

“Might my rankings be influenced by a banner popping up on my web page?”

John Mueller answered:

“And sure, they could possibly be, as properly.

There are a number of issues that sort of come into play as regards to banners.

On the one hand now we have inside the Web page Expertise Report, now we have that side of intrusive interstitials.

And if this banner comes throughout as an intrusive interstitial, then that would negatively have an effect on the location there.

The opposite factor is that usually with banners, you’ve unwanted effects on the cumulative structure shift, like how the web page renders when it’s loaded.

Or as regards to the …I forgot what the metric is after we present a web page… The LCP I feel, additionally from the Core Internet Vitals facet as regards to that web page.

So these are completely different parts that would come into play right here.

It doesn’t imply it must be that method .

However relying on the kind of banner that you just’re popping up, it will probably occur.”

A number of Rating Elements Affected by Popup Banners

The scenario immediately is extra difficult than simply an intrusive interstitial having a adverse rating impact.

A much less intrusive popup banner might nonetheless have a adverse rating impact due to the impact these banners can have on CLS and LCP, Core Internet Vitals rating components.


Can Rankings Be Affected by a Popup Banner?

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